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How Beepmix Offers gets new customers for merchants with no upfront costs

Beepmix Offers is all helping merchants reduce their marketing costs

Marketing is becoming more expensive.

And in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive, merchants are finding it more difficult to promote their products and services to more people.

This is where Beepmix Offers comes in.

In short, Beepmix Offers is all about helping merchants get new customers with no upfront costs, and can easily be set up with minimal (or no) technical knowledge.

An example offer on Beepmix.

How it works: Getting Customers with No Upfront Costs

So how does it work? Well, it's simple. 

At Beepmix, we have a partner network of over 10,000 promoters / salespeople

These individuals play an important role in promoting your products/services to a broader audience, and are sometimes way more effective in converting sales than online advertising.

For merchants, Beepmix does not charge any upfront fees to do this, but instead charges a success fee only when a sale takes place.

What Merchants Need to Do?

Not much actually.

Merchants simply need to provide us with more information on the promotions being offered. For example:

  • Buy-1-free-1 Soft Drink
  • 30% off Sushi Platter

Our team at Beepmix will work alongside merchants to make the offer more attractive for potential customers.

Merchants can easily create "Scan & Pay" QR codes to be placed at their cashier.

Offers brings customers, but what about retention?

Beepmix Offers has been a very powerful driver to bring new customers to stores.

But what about retention?

To achieve this, Beepmix provides 2 very powerful tools for merchants to drive repeat sales:

1) Cashback + Reward Points after an offer purchase: 

Customers are able to receive Cashback (a discount on the next purchase) and Reward Points upon buying an offer. 

This not only increases the likelihood of the customer buying another offer (usually on the same day), it might result in them spending more when they redeem the offer at the store.

2) Cashback with Mobile Cashless Payments.

Beepmix provides a very powerful QR Cashless Payments solution for merchants to allow their customers to scan a QR code and make payments at their store.

The beauty of this is that customers are able to receive Cashback and Loyalty Points after their payment (usually a % of the total bill), and merchants receive customer contact information so they can reach out to them in the future with more special offers.

This becomes a never-ending cycle, resulting in long-term customer retention.

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