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3 Simple Ways Retail Stores Can Boost Sales with Beepmix

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Retailers all over the world have been severely affected by the on-going pandemic.

In fact, retailers today have been struggling to pivot in this "new normal", and many are watching their revenues slip away.

And while many believe the pandemic will eventually pass, there is no telling if a similar catastrophe could happen again in the future.

In this guide, we share 3 simple ways for retailers can boost sales with Beepmix, as well as examples on how they can future-proof their businesses:

Most retail stores don't know their customers.

Capturing contact info when they pay.

It is surprising how so many retailers do not capture any form of contact information of their visitors/customers.

Studies have shown that over 73% of retailers do not capture their visitors/customer contact information, and instead rely completely on organic traffic.

By not capturing any contact information, retailers find it impossible to reach out to their customers/visitors — and are forced to spend more money on advertising to reach them instead.

When asked, most retailers often mention that it is too "tedious" or "expensive" to set up these lead capture tools, or they do not know that such solutions are available.

Here's what one can do:

  • Step 1 - Sign up for a lead capture solution: Beepmix provides a simple one that allows retailers to capture customer contact information when they scan and pay, OR when they claim a special offer.
  • Step 2 - Ensure customer contact information is captured: The easiest way to capture visitor/customer details is to do it by force (when they pay), or by incentives (claim an offer).
  • Step 3 - Nurture the relationship: Capturing their contact information is insufficient if one does not continue to nurture the relationship they have with their visitors/customers. This can easily be done by keeping in touch with them via regular SMS broadcasts (emails are good too, but fewer people read them these days).
Cashback is one of the most effective ways to bring customers back to stores regularly.

Offer Cashback to Bring Them Back

When a customer makes a purchase, they are indirectly saying they "trust your brand enough to buy from you".

The key to driving more sales is to ensure that they continuously buy from you

Repeat sales from existing customers is far more important than sales from new customers.

Customers also love special offers and perks. Be sure to give it to them on a regular basis, because this is what keeps them coming back.

In fact, studies have shown that customers are 70% more likely to return to the store when they receive cashback (discounts on future purchases). When coupled with an expiry date, this number goes up to 78%.

Unfortunately, many retailers often share that setting up such cashback/loyalty programs can be very expensive and difficult to manage.

With Beepmix Cashback, store owners can easily set up such loyalty programs, and easily bring existing customers back regularly.

SMS broadcasting is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers.

Send SMS Blasts to bring visitors/customers back

SMS marketing is an incredibly powerful way to reach store visitors/customers.

In fact on average, SMS marketing has an average of 88% open rate — significantly higher than emails, which averages around 8%.

The problem? Tools to capture phone contact details coupled with SMS broadcasting can be very costly (and technically challenging) to set up.

With Beepmix, the entire process is simplified — merchants to easily capture visitors/customers phone numbers when they sign up to pay or claim an offer, as well as send out targeted SMS broadcasts to their customers.

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