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Everything you need to easily Get New Customers, Accept Payments, and Keep Customers Returning.

Business Struggles.

Did you know?


Not Enough Customers

82% of merchants have trouble getting enough customers due to falling visitors and increasing marketing costs.


Poor Retention

72% of merchants are unable to bring customers back to their stores and suffer from poor retention / no loyalty. from poor retention at their stores.


Can't Contact Customers

78% of merchants have no way of contacting their visitors/customers because they do not capture any data or contact information.

How We Help

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Sell Online Instantly

Start selling online in less than 5 minutes with our all-in-one online store. Simply add your products and start selling in less than 5 minutes — No complex set ups.

Accept Cashless Payments

Easily accept a wide range of cashless payment methods ranging from credit/debit card, bank wire, e-wallets, and more. Simply share a link with your customers or have them scan a QR code to get paid.

Promote Your Products

We'll help you get sales by promoting your products via our network of over 10,000 sales promoters. The best part? There's no upfront costs at all.

Cashback & Loyalty Points

Increase customer retention by rewarding them with Cashback or Reward Points after they pay you. We help you do this automatically, coupled with reminders to bring customers back.

SMS Broadcasting

Easily bring your customers back by reaching out to them via SMS. We provide powerful tools to broadcast notifications to your customers, as well as options to target them more effectively.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding about the performance of your business. We track everything from sales figures, customer behaviour, projections, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Get to know Beepmix better.

Why use Beepmix instead of other solutions?

Beepmix believes in providing control for merchants over their customers, sales channels, data, and branding.

With Beepmix, merchants can accept cashless payments using their own brand. There's no need to download an app, and all customer contact information (and data) belongs to the merchant.

Our mission is to allow merchants to serve their customers better, while maintaining control over their business.

Does Beepmix have upfront costs?

No. Beepmix does not have any upfront costs.

To find out more about Beepmix's fees, visit the pricing page.

How do I get started with Beepmix?

Getting started with Beepmix is really simple. Simply click on the 'Get Started' button, register for an account, and customize your business profile.

Is there training to use Beepmix after I sign up?

Yes of course! We provide a step-by-step guide to effectively use our solution, and it is designed to be incredibly simple so store owners can take advantage of its benefits instantly.

In fact, upon subscribing, Beepmix provides a step-by-step walk-through to get started right away.

Can I terminate my Beepmix subscription anytime?

Yes of course. Once you terminate your subscription, you will still be able to use Beepmix's services until the end of the billing cycle.

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Beepmix's mission to help businesses grow by allowing them to serve their customers better. We provide powerful tools to help store owners accept cashless payments, bring customers back, and turn them into wavering fans.

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