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Keep Customers Coming Back with Cashback Loyalty.

Create your own cashback loyalty programs. We automate everything. No apps needed. Your own brand.

Did You Know?

Over 82% of stores are not implementing cashback loyalty programs.


Not implementing cashback programs

82% of merchants are not running any form of cashback programs to keep customers coming back.


Cashback Brings Customers Back

Cashback programs are 70% more likely to bring customers back to stores.


Increase in Store Revenues

84% of merchants experience increase in store revenues because of cashback loyalty programs.

How Beepmix Helps.

Here's an example flow of what happens.

Step 1

Customers scan QR code

Store customers can easily scan a QR code to make payments at your store. No app downloads are required and all major payment methods are accepted.

Step 2

Customers make payment

Customers make payments after signing up. Beepmix automatically captures their contact information for the merchant too.

Step 3

Customers receive cashback

Upon completion of payments, customers automatically receive cashback. This cashback can be used the next time customers pay to get a discount.

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Why Merchants Love Us

We give merchants total control over their brand and more.

Your Own Brand

Easily receive payments and award cashback to your customers under your own brand. That way you're not reliant on 3rd party platforms/apps, which could pose as a risk to your business/brand.

No App Downloads

Customers can make payments and receive cashback without having to download an app. This lets you serve all customers without making things inconvenient for them.

Fully Automated

It just works. Once activated, cashback is automatically applied to customer payments. Beepmix does not withhold any of the cashback, allowing merchants to keep all their earnings too.

Real-time Analytics

Gain real-time understanding of your visitors/customers and how often they return. Beepmix provides a wide range of analytics tools to help store owners make data-driven decisions.

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Still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Beepmix Cashback.

Why use Beepmix Cashback?

Beepmix Cashback is all about customer loyalty. Statistically, customers are 70% more likely to return to a store if future discounts/rebates are available.

The problem is, setting up a cashback program can be very tedious and requires lots of tracking — this can be very time consuming on the merchant's end.

With Beepmix Cashback, the entire process is automated and store owners simply 'activate' it and everything just works.

Is Beepmix Cashback fully automated?

Yes, it is!

Once it is activated and set up, everything works automatically and there is nothing store owners are required to do.

How does Beepmix Cashback work?

To start off, merchants need to activate Beepmix Cashback by specifying the amount of cashback to award customers once they make their payments. This can easily be done via the Store Manager (Payment Settings).

Once a customer scans and makes a payment at the store, Beepmix will automatically credit the cashback amount into the customer's account based on the bill (if cashback is 10% and he/she paid $100, then $10 will be credited into their account).

The amount of cashback received after payment can then be deducted from the next bill in the form of a discount (if the next bill is $100, the customer will receive a $10 discount).

Does Beepmix withhold the cashback?

Not at all. In fact, compared to other cashback solutions, Beepmix does NOT hold on to the cashback awarded to the customers.

How Beepmix works is that the cashback amount is automatically applied to their bill as a discount when they make payments. Everything happens automatically on the customer's end.

How much cashback should I offer?

In most cases, we typically recommend at least 5% to make it attractive enough for customers to return to the store.

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