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Turn Your Walk-In Customers into Returning Members.

Create your own membership program that automatically rewards returning customers with cashback, discounts, and points. The best part? It's all automated and there's no need to download any apps.

Stores are Losing Customers.

Because they can't reach their customers.


Don't Know Their Customers

Customers pay and leave. The problem? 82% of merchants don't know who these customers are. They can't contact these customers.


No Membership/Loyalty Programs

87% of merchants don't run any form of membership or loyalty programs, and rely solely on organic/foot-fall traffic.


Don't Reconnect with Customers

78% of merchants do not follow up or reconnect with their existing customers. In fact, most merchants don't even have the contact details of their customers.

How it Works

Here's an example flow of what happens.

Step 1

Customers scan QR code to Pay

Customers can easily make contactless payments by scanning a QR code. Returning customers automatically get bill discounts.

Step 2

Membership + Instant Cashback

After making payments, customers automatically become your member and receive Cashback that can be used at your store on their next visit.
* Cashback increases retention by 3X

Step 3

Easily bring customers back

Beepmix automatically reminds customers to use their cashback by returning to your retail store (or online store if you have one set up).

Why Merchants Love Us

More control for merchants, more rewarding for customers.

Get Paid More (Lower Fees)

Beepmix provides a super simple contactless (QR) payment solution for merchants. Not only is it super simple for customers to pay, gateway fees are the lowest in the market — allowing merchants to earn more.

Automatic Cashback & Discounts

Increase customer retention by rewarding them with Cashback and Reward Points. Everything is completely automated, with customers regularly reminded to claim their rewards.

Memberships & Customer Data

All customer data and payment information is captured. We also provide a Business Intelligence Dashboard to help you understand your business a lot better.

No Apps Needed

No app downloads are needed for your customers to make payments. In fact, merchants can set up their very own branded QR stand (and payment pages) too — that way customers interact with YOUR BRAND.

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Let's turn your walk-in customers into regular members.

Still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Beepmix Cashless Payments.

What payment methods does Beepmix accept?

Beepmix accepts payments by debit/credit cards, online banking, and even e-wallets.

Customers can also make one-tap payments if they have made a payment via debit/credit cards previously.

What are "Branded Payment Pages"?

Beepmix provides merchants with a "Branded Payment Page" to receive payments.

Branded Payment Pages only display your business's brand and color scheme and not Beepmix's brand.

In fact, merchants can even opt to have their very own domain pointed to their payment pages.

Do customers need to download an app to make payments?

No, customers are NOT required to download any apps to make payments at your store. They simply need to scan a QR code using their smartphone camera (most phones have this) or use a QR code scanning app (ie: Wechat)

We believe that forcing customers to download apps creates more inconvenience for them, and limits the number of people who can use the service.

Will Beepmix accept more payment methods in the future?

Yes! Our goal is to allow store owners to accept any form of payments from their customers, and will strive to continuously add new payment methods.

Is there a limit to the number of payments customers can make?

Not at all, there are absolutely no limits on the number of payments you can receive.

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