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Stores are Losing Customers.

Did you know?


Not Capturing Customer Data

78% of merchants are not capturing any form of customer data or contact information. This makes it difficult for them to reach out to customers or understand their needs better.


No Data / Analytics Tools

68% of merchants don't rely on analytics to make data-driven decisions. As a result to that, most decisions are impulsive or by "gut feel" — increasing business risk.

Why It's So Powerful

Because we do more than capture data. We help you make sense of it.

Real-time Activity Tracking

Gain a deeper understanding on what's happening at your store in real-time. We keep track of when customers pay, claim special offers, scan QR codes, and more.

Broad Datasets

We capture a broad range of data to help you understand your business and customers better. This ranges from customer details, contact information, payment information, spending patterns, behaviour/engagement, and more.

Simple Presentation

Making sense of data is just as important as collecting data itself. With Beepmix, we present data in the simplest fashion to help you understand your business better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Beepmix Analytics.

Why does Beepmix Analytics help store owners?

Beepmix Analytics is a powerful dashboard that provides detailed information on the performance of a store/business.

Information is presented in a very simple and visual manner, making it easy for store owners to know exactly what's going on at their store.

Is Beepmix Analytics easy to set up?

Yes, it is extremely easy.

In fact, everything happens automatically when customers scan QR codes to claim offers or make cashless payments.

Are there additional costs for Beepmix Analytics?

No, Beepmix Analytics comes bundled with every subscription, and there are no additional costs to use it.

How do I access Beepmix Analytics?

Once you're a Beepmix subscriber, simply log in to your account and you will be brought to the analytics dashboard.

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