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Create Special Offers. We'll Sell Them.

Create offers that customers love. We'll sell them for you.

Offers Boost Sales.

People love offers. We help you sell them better.


Ineffective Marketing Campaigns

84% of merchants suffer from ineffective marketing campaigns. Most of their campaigns either don't result in sales or cost too much.


Customers Likely to Buy

Customers are 78% more likely to purchase "special offers" if they come with additional perks / future discounts.


Offers Drive Revenue

88% of merchants notice increased revenues when marketing their products with Beepmix Offers.

How Beepmix Helps.

Here's an example flow of what happens.

Step 1

We Promote Your Offer

Once your offer is published, Beepmix will promote it to millions of people via our network of promoters. There is no upfront cost for this, and Beepmix only takes a cut on a successful sale.

Step 2

Customers Discover Offer & Buy It

If a customer buys the offer, he/she will receive a "Digital Voucher" to redeem the offer at your store(s). Customers will also receive Instant Cashback (discount on the next purhcase).

Step 3

Redeem at Store + Cashback

Customer visits your store to redeem the offer. Upon redemption, they will receive 'Bonus Cashback' and a personalized "Thank You" SMS. 76% of the time, customers end up spending more to use up the cashback.

Why Merchants Love Us

We give merchants total control over their brand and more.

We Help Sell Your Offers

You create offers, we'll help sell them. There's no upfront marketing costs and we only take a fee if we manage to successfully sell them for you.

Super Simple Redemption

Customers can easily redeem their offers from your store with a "Digital Voucher" that is sent to their phones after purchase. This makes things easier for your staff too.

Give Cashback & Points

Increase customer retention by rewarding them with Cashback Loyalty Points. Everything happens automatically.

You Get Customer Data

All customer data and payment information is captured. We also provide a Business Intelligence Dashboard to help you understand your business a lot better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Beepmix Offers.

Why use Beepmix Offers?

Beepmix Offers is all about helping merchants drive sales by acquiring new customers.

In fact, customers are 88% more likely to purchase a product if there is a limited time offer with additional perks/value tied to it.

With Beepmix Offers, merchants can easily create special offers that are bundled with Cashback, Store Points, and more. Everyting works automatically and there's minimal management needed.

The best part is, Beepmix will even promote the offers for you.

Does Beepmix support offers for digital products?

Yes we do!

In fact, with offers to online goods/services, the customer can immediately receive access to the service upon purchase. All merchants are required to do is add a link to the download/service for the customer to access after purchase.

Are there upfront costs or success fees?

Beepmix does NOT charge any upfront costs for promoting offers.

We do however, charge a success fee if we manage to help you sell the offers. Our success fee is 25%.

What happens after a customer purchases an offer?

Upon purchasing an offer, customers receive a voucher for them to redeem the product/service at the merchant's stores.

On top of the voucher, customers will also receive Cashback and Store Points (set by the merchant) that can be applied to their next purchase or store payment.

Does Beepmix capture customer contact information?

Yes of course.

In fact, customer leads/contact information are automatically captured when a customer purchases an offer.

Does Beepmix allow me to broadcast updates to my customers?

Yes! In fact, we've built a dedicated SMS broadcasting tool for store owners to send out targeted SMSes to their members.

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