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Get Your Store Customers Back.

Easily capture walk-in customers' contact details. Effectively bring them back with SMS broadcasting.

Stores are Losing Customers.

Because store owners don't understand them well.


Can't Contact Customers

78% of merchants are not capturing any form of customer data or contact information. This makes it difficult for them to reach out to them or understand their needs better.


SMS is Highly Effective

88% of customers are likely to open SMS messages they receive, making it an extremely powerful and fast way to bring customers back to the store.

How Beepmix Helps

It's super simple to set up.

Step 1

Visitors scan to pay / claim offer

Store visitors scan store QR codes to make payments or claim a special offer. These QR codes are placed at strategic locations around the store (or the counter for payments).

Step 2

Beepmix captures customer details

Beepmix captures customer contact information when they sign up as a member. Visitors are required to register as a member prior to making payments or claiming a special offer.

Step 3

Merchants can send SMS broadcasts

Merchants can easily reach out to visitors directly via SMS to bring them back as regular customers. Beepmix provides powerful tools to understand customer behaviour too.

Why Merchants Love Us

We give merchants total control over their brand and more.

Your Own Brand

Easily create offers and receive payments under your own brand. That way you're not reliant on 3rd party platforms/apps, which could pose as a risk to your business/brand.

No App Downloads

Customers can claim offers and make cashless payments without having to download an app. This lets you serve all customers without making things inconvenient for them.

Data-Driven Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your visitors/customers. Beepmix provides a wide range of analytics tools to help store owners make data-driven decisions.

Broadcasts & Exporting Tools

Effectively broadcast SMSes to your customers with ease. Alternatively, you can export your customer list and reach out to them via Whatsapp / other messaging apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Beepmix SMS Broadcasting.

How does Beepmix SMS Broadcasting help store owners?

Beepmix's solution allows store owners to send out SMS broadcasts to visitors who register as a member before they make payments / claim a special offer.

With SMS Broadcasting, store owners can send out updates/promotional material to members, effectively bringing them back to the store.

As SMS broadcasting has one of the highest delivery and open rates, the likelihood of your customer knowing about your promotion iwll be very high.

Can I export my customer/member list to other apps?

Yes of course.

We provide tools to export your customer list in CSV format, allowing you to import it into your address book, spreadsheet app(s), 3rd party messaging apps (ie: Whatsapp), and more.

How effective is SMS broadcasting?

SMS broadcasting is one of the most effective tools to reach customers due to its high delivery and open rates.

In fact, SMSes sent by Beepmix have a 98% delivery and open rate on average.

Can I target my broadcasting?

Yes you can. On Beepmix, we provide an option to broadcast messages to different categories of customers. Some of them include:
  • New customers / members
  • Regular customers
  • Inactive customers
and more.

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